“Judgement Day offers all the best bits of Tough MudderTough Guy and Spartan Race with a generous dollop of true obstacle race innovation”  
Editor, Men’s Fitness

Everyone takes something different away from Judgement Day. Some push themselves to the limit in pursuit of a personal best, while others want to motivate themselves to train more – or just meet like-minded people. And for a small number, it’s about testing their breaking point in a 36-hour endurance challenge. Whatever it is you want to take away from it, Judgement Day, as the UK’s most varied and innovative fitness challenge event brand, has something for you.


Obstacle Course Racing
Choose from 6km, 12km and 18km events that combine man-made and natural obstacles to provide a completely unique and innovative fitness challenge. Expect monkey bars, rope climbs, quarter pipes, sandbag carries and more.

Trail Running
Take on some of the best trails in the south of England and explore rugged terrain with steep ascents and spectacular views. We currently run 10km and half marathon trail races.

Our events are designed to be tough but inclusive, with participants ranging from absolute beginners to elite athletes. They’re challenging, rewarding – and probably the best thing you’ve never done.

The Team



That’s Dean in the middle in red – ready to lead the elites at Bordon, 2015

After leaving 7 (PARA) RHA in 2005 Dean searched for a sport that challenged him through many disciplines. In 2010 he discovered Obstacle Racing and later became the Spartan Race Director for the UK and Canada.

“My aim in life is to get people out of their comfort zones and in to the unknown via exercise – and I think that’s exactly what a good race should do”.

Before joining Spartan, Dean took part (and still does) in a number of obstacle races, ultra marathons and other fitness events – an essential if Judgement Day is going to continue to push the boundaries and improve race on race.

Win a Judgement Day Water Bottle

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