We’re now bringing the full weight of our race expertise to trail running, as well as continuing to provide unique and innovative obstacle races. So if running in the gym doesn’t provide enough of a challenge, or if you’re bored of pounding the pavement, Judgement Day trail runs offer the opportunity to race others on some of the most challenging terrain in southern England.

Delivering a true test of fitness, runners will be rewarded along the way with rugged scenery and spectacular views. Expect a mix of well-travelled and challenging trails, with plenty of steep ascents and a few surprises thrown in. Once you’ve tackled the trails, return to Base Camp to collect a JD Finisher’s Medal and enjoy a well-deserved bite to eat.

Since our launch in 2013 Judgement Day has established a reputation for truly tough obstacle courses that combine man-made obstacles, muddy terrain and a unique friendly atmosphere. Made from the same good stuff as our award winning obstacle course races and designed according to the same JD philosophy, our trail runs promise to be unforgettable – not to mention a lot of fun. Take a look at our upcoming events below, and tick Pippingford Park 2016 off your bucket list.